The Cabala, Philosophy and Buddhism: a plaited challah bread

- Two Coen Brothers’ Pictures examined



PART I:       The  Big  Lebowski

- a crypto-Kabbalist grail quest in 156 episodes

                             ~The compromised second draft~

                            How the 78 cards of the Waite Smith Tarot deck are used to illustrate the tale of the Dude.


                            This essay is an updated version of the 2012 Dudespaper article  below

                            Tarot Yes, Mr. Lebowski: The Big Lebowski, Kabbalah and Tarot




PART II:     A Serious Man - “Etz Chaim hi”

                            ~This essay is still Under Construction~

                            The 32 paths of ‘Tree of life’ as an understory for Larry Gopniks troubles.